Why Cycling is My New Favorite

I have always tried to stay active and fit when life allowed.  I usually would go with the default, 'go for a run,' mentality in hopes that one day I may really love it.  But honestly, sometimes it is just so dang hard to muster up energy and motivation to run!

I like running for the purpose of exercise but also for the fact that it is travel outside of a car.  I love that I can go and run to the hospital two miles away and I got there with my own legs!  Something about the freedom in that is so exhilarating.  Which brings me to cycling.  The thrill of going new places has gotten so much bigger since I started cycling.  I find myself wanting to travel to new streets or areas with my bike because I can get there faster and cover way more ground than I could running.

Cycling is also super low impact on the body-which is great since I am not 6 months pregnant with our second.  A couple months ago I noticed that running was feeling a little uncomfortable and wasn't having the same fitness affect as I had wanted.  The weight of the growing bump was not the best feeling as I was bouncing up and down with the impact of each stride.  Cycling was introduced at the perfect time.

Cycling lets you really feel the wind in your face!  Going down hill of any kind gives me a bit of an adrenaline rush!  I love feeling the wind in my face as I zip away on a downhill slope.  The momentum that it brings for that next hill is a plus too!

Typically cycling at a steady pace for 1 hour will burn about 1000 calories.  And honestly when I am riding, that really doesn't feel long because of how adventurous it can be!

Cycling can be a great family activity.  Now that we have a Chariot for Riley to ride in, we can all go cycling as a family.  This can be a challenge for a lot of people especially if you do have kids and still want to run or exercise.  Having the option to all go together or bring Riley is so convenient and it gets all of us out of the house for some good ole fashion exercise!