Goals: *June*

Setting attainable goals...that is difficult.  Making goals is super easy for me because I have so many ideas and aspirations, but implementing them in manageable bit sized chunks is challenging.  I am going to try something a little different this month in hopes that I can be successful at accomplishing them.

June Goals 

  • Delete IG and FB from phone
  • $500 in sales
  • Plan out summer activities
  • Refurbish a garage sale dresser
  • Understand consolidation 
  • Finish Love and Respect, start new book
  • Create prayer wall in room
  • RA Reunion
  • Find a community group

Goals tend to keep me balanced and my life in check.  I like to make sure that I have goals that are life giving and productive, fun and positive.  If we take life too seriously it will just pass right by us with no smiles on our faces.  That is no good.

Lets take life and live it, and not let life take away your life.  You are the designer, you are in charge of finding happiness.  God is with you and He is the author of life.  He hasn't failed me yet and I am sure He will not fail you.

What are your June goals?