9.6.13 to 2.23.14 **RileyMae**

Little Miss Riley Mae is 5 1/2 months.  I wanted to give some updates on where she is in her development as well as some pictures.  I originally started this blog as a way to track my pregnancy and motherhood; somewhat of an online baby book, but it has turned in to so much more!  I thought I would get back to more of an actual real update on Little Miss Mae.

Biggest news is she is eating baby food.  I introduced carrots a couple weeks ago and to my surprise she really liked them.  I had read on a few different sites that you could introduce food as early as 4 months, other sites completely forbid it.  I have learned, in my short time of being a mother, you just kind of go with it.  I can only research so much before I just decide on my own.  Riley was definitely ready though to for her palate to experience some new flavors.  She had been reaching for our food and following it with her eyes for some time now.  She had tried carrots, green beans and sweet potatoes.  So far sweet potatoes seem to be her favorite.  I am still primarily giving her milk, but I am slowly giving her little tastes of different foods here and there.
   She has been rolling over since the 6th of this month.  The only reason I remembered that is because she was exactly 5 months when she did it.  That made it easy.  Now she constantly rolls over any chance she gets.  She has only rolled once though from her back to stomach.  That seems to be a lot harder than stomach to back rolling.
   She can sit up for about 30 seconds to a minute without falling to one side.  As long as she has a toy in front of her to reach for she seems to stay up longer.
  She is definitely in that stage now where anything and everything in reach she grabs and immediately goes in her mouth.
  She still loves her feet so much.  If she is on her back those feet are in her hands and she is a "happy baby." Yoga has that appropriately named.
  Her baby einstein bouncer is her favorite to be in.  So many activities and things to reach for, really keeps her entertained and challenged.  She has recently discovered that her chair rotates 360 degrees, so now she is all over that thing.  She bounces up and down like there is a trampoline under her; it cracks me up.
  The last 4 days she has really been teething bad.  I hope she is close to them cutting through.  I have been giving her tylenol so that she actually sleeps through the night, or else we both are up every two hours.  All she wants to do is nurse because I think it makes her gums feel better.  She has been biting and gnawing on anything I give her and her gums are red and a little swollen.  I am hoping that they will be coming any day now because I feel so bad for her.
  It is funny to me how she already is bored with certain toys.  I will be holding her in the morning at the table eating with drew and have her toy and a cup of coffee there, which one does she want?  The cup of coffee...
   She takes 3 naps a day for about 45 minutes. Her bedtime is between 6pm-6:30pm.  She wakes up at 5:30am and when she is tired she sucks on her bottom lip.  That is her pacifier.


10 minute workout// Feeling the burn// Not overwhelming

Hello!  Finding the time to get an extra little cardio/strength training in during the week can be challenging, especially because I am training for a half marathon and taking care of little Riley.  I recently found this weekly workout that I have tried the last couple days and have been thoroughly impressed with the amount of muscle soreness I have felt from such a short workout.  I have really loved the exercises, simple, but if done with the duration that it says I definitely feel the burn.  The exercises are great to get that heart pumping!  I have been trying to do the routine when Riley takes her naps.  Another goal for this year was to work on goal setting.  I am trying to keep my goals attainable by not overwhelming myself with huge achievements all to fail.  I am trying to start small and just stay CONSISTENT!  I am written these exercises out on a paper and I have it posted next to my running schedule.  Everyday I will look to see if I have done my little 10 minute exercise for the day. Start somewhere and be consistent and obedient.  Results will come just stick with something.  And another thing I was thinking of was when this gets easier, adding one thing to make it more difficult, not necessarily changing it all together.  Again, not trying to overwhelm myself with too much.

Here is what it looks like!

30" plank Right and Left sides
30" plank
10 lunges Right and Left x 2
10 burpees

10 pushups
30 crunches x 2
10 burpees
30" plank
10 lunges R/L

10 lunges
60" plank
30 crunches
10 pushups x 2
30 bicycles

10 pushups
30 bicycles
10 burpees
60" plank
10 lunges x 2

20 burpees
10 pushups
10 lunges R/L
30 bicycles
60" plank

5 lunges
10 pushups
l0 burpees

(x3 for all)


Sweet Peace and Scentsy Candles

As I sit here in my favorite place, (in my living room looking out the windows) smelling my amazing scentsy candle,  I am at peace, I am thankful and I am filled with gratitude to Jesus.  I am healthy, my husband and baby girl are healthy and my needs and beyond are completely met.  In this very moment I just want to say Thank you to Jesus.  Thank you to Him who provides and gives life and brings peace.  I just want to be thankful in this moment.

   Some other thoughts that have come to mind are those people that are out on the mission field abroad away from the comforts of what once was and adjusting/acclamating to a new lifestyle.  To those people I want to say that I am praying for you, trying to everyday and saying thank you and blessings on you for your faithfulness/obedience/sacrifice.
   I believe that peace comes from within, having a deep relationship with the Lord, but I also know that having what I have here in America can greatly affect the peace that I experience as well.  Not to say that my peace is not genuine, but it may be dependent on where I live, what I have access to and the convenience in life.  I recently read a blog of a woman and her family who live in Tanzania and all of the little extra things that she has to do to prepare for dinner, washing clothes and taking showers that we do not think twice about here.  Those little things equate to bigger tasks, thus making it difficult, at least for me, to think of having peace in those moments.

Peace comes from within, from knowing and trusting Jesus.

   Well....there was my rant and thoughts for today.

Check out:  www.becomingm.com to read more about this awesome family.


Community // Fulfilled

    Funny how our society works and what it so schemingly (is that a word?) tries to tell us. I am amazed at how individualistic and independent our culture has become. It seems that most things in life point to independence and achievement by ourselves. God's culture, the bible points to such a different way of living and I am so glad!
        We all need to be independent on some level of course, but we were never meant to do it alone.  I have found even more so with being a Mom how much I need others.  I need people.  I need community.  Raising a little one is not for the faint of heart?!? It is not meant to be done alone!  Super Mom?  I mean really?  We need people in all and every stage of life; there is no exception when you have a kid.
   Community in my life is definitely growing and is on the rise.  I desire for a richer social life, as well as presenting Riley with as many opportunities to meet others.  I want her to have such a love for people, and to know what good relationships look as well as having good boundaries with people.  My community group through my church has been a real blessing and has allowed for some good relationships to form.  I also recently met my "mentor mom" through my church who is super awesome.
   I just find it so interesting/fascinating/ shoot irritating how quickly I can become complacent, isolated and stagnant.  I need people, I need motivation, I am a words of affirmation, quality time kind of a girl.  I cannot be content with being at home, in the home with Riley all day everyday with no outside interaction.  I slowly shrivel up inside if I do not receive these things.
      We all have different tanks that need to be filled daily.  Once those tanks are identified we can live a more fulfilled life and understand and thrive.  Adding different things to your plate in life will require modification to the different tanks or adjustment.  I feel that with this change of being a mother, I have had to adjust and understand my needs and learn how to get those fulfilled.  Being in post-grad stage and now transitioning into motherhood, I have found it challenging to meet new people to connect with.  I am thankful for a fantastic church with many resources that have helped me transition and find friends to connect with.

Yay Jesus!



I love love love hanging out with my little love in the mornings!  A nice hot cup of coffee, devotions, and watching little Riley grow and discover new things has been such a great way to kick start my mornings.  I have been so intrigued with the noises she makes, the mobility she now has and the way she soaks up her surroundings.  The way God designed us is so incredible and I get to see her little life unfold right before my eyes.  I am completely overwhelmed at times with the craziness of being at home with her, and completely satisfied and overjoyed with the privilege of being at home with her.  I would not have it any other way right now.  Mad props to my man who works so hard for allowing this to happen.  Thank you Jesus.