7 months ~~Homemade Baby Food

Riley will be turning 7 months this weekend-how is that even possible?  Last week we made homemade baby food with our Mentor Mom, Laura that I was set up with through Sandals Church and it turned out great. We made sweet potato and carrots.  We ended up making a ton and it was super cheap, way easier, and economically friendly.  I have like 60 oz of both in my freezer!

    A bundle of carotts
    2 large sweet potatoes

1. Steam
2. puree with liquid in blender
3. Spoon into containers

It really is that easy!
 Still not really sure if she likes carrots yet.
 We will just keep on though; I don't want a picky girl!
She will be who she is going to be though in the end.  Look at this face!

Some other great products I am wanting to try though would be BeechNut and Earth's Best.  Theses are two baby food products that I am interested in.  They have some pretty yummy combinations that I want to introduce to Riley.

Until next time...Blessings on your day :)