Coffee + Chat Vol. III

Journaling daily really is a discipline can I get an amen?  But isn't there something so great about being able to look back at a moment and remember not only the event, but how you were thinking and processing things?  I have not been to this space in several several months now and feels a little sad because I have not documented life!  I am super excited though to get back in to furthering my writing skills and creating a space where I can be free!!!  I hope all is well with you and that this post finds you well.

1. Currently reading:

I have recently decided to re-start and FINISH "Desiring God" and am super excited about it.  It is by Pastor John Piper who I admire a lot and has some rich theological doctrines that I am inspired to learn more about.

2.  Currently thinking about:

Being in the moment more and the doctrine of sovereignty.  Ha!  Yes I have definitely been trying to be in the moment and let tomorrow have its own worries.  I have been trying to catch myself when I worry or start thinking too deeply about things.  I have been trying to memorize scripture that align with trusting God and verses on anxiety.

3. Currently Listening to:

All things Gospel.

4. Currently thankful for:

I am super thankful for Jesus and His power and glory.  I have been praying for some specific things and I really feel like I received clarity and answers from the Lord.  This is something to be super thankful for.  I am just really loving the level of trust that has occurred over the last couple months with my relationship with the Lord.

5. Currently crafting:

Right now I am not crafting anything, but I am really excited to do my chalkboard wall in my room.  I want to create a chalkboard with wood borders in my bedroom where I can write prayers down and see God move.

6. Currently looking at:

Addison.  She is so amazing and beautiful and I love her so much.  I am truly thankful for her little precious life and that God himself ordained Drew and I to have these sweet girls in our lives. It is truly a humbling experience being parents, but seeing the way Riley is growing and maturing makes me so thankful that He chose me.

What are you 'currently' doing?