When I am Not a Good Blogger

I would love to give a shout out to all those bloggers out there who consistently write content for their readers.  It is a hard job to accomplish generating good literature week by week.  Go bloggers!!

I definitely go through times where I feel like I have nothing to write about and instead of pushing through those dry spells, I just choose not to write.  This is not my favorite confession, but it is true.  However the ironic part of this whole thing is that my word for 2015 is consistency, community and cultivate.  Being consistent is something that I really lack in many areas of my life and I really wanted blogging to be a way that I could prove myself wrong.

 Welp, grace upon grace upon grace.

I am by no means a perfect person and the fact that I set my mind to accomplishing something and failed is a great example of that.  But Oh there is grace.  I am going to try again and set my expectations a little lower than I did the first time.

So here it is:

How to Succeed When You are not Being a Good Blogger

  1. Set your blogging regiment at a manageable amount-It is very easy to get a little overzealous with blogging.  I mean it is a really cool space on the internet that is all yours right?  Set your limits and know how often you want to blog-be realistic.
  2. Know your Niche-Don't try to write outside of what you are comfortable with and make sure your niche allows for enough to write about.
  3. Use a planner to schedule out posts-this one is key!  Try to have post idea outlines prepared in advance ideally for the month.  Sitting down to write is much easier and faster when you already have an idea of what you are going to write about.

What do you do when you are not consistent writing content?  I would love to know!


Not getting Overwhelmed at the Gym

I recently joined a gym and knew that when I walked through those doors I would be completely overwhelmed by all of the machines!  I knew that I would want to go try them all, and then not really get anything done.  My sister is a personal trainer and helped me put together a plan for the gym, so that I would not be overwhelmed, I would not be there more than 1 hour, and I would see results.  What?!?!

It's true.  This way of working out is so great because I actually keep track of my workouts on my little piece of paper-so old school right?  I have already seen increase in my lifting.  So great.

Here is what I do:

Mon: Chest and Tricep
Wed: Back and Bicep
Fri: Legs and Shoulders

Here is the breakdown:

3 Chest exercises and 3 tricep exercises
After each exercise we do 25 reps of a core workout
Ending with 1.30 min. of cardio

Chest and Tricep

Dual Axis Incline Press: 1st set: 12 reps 2nd set: 8 reps 3rd set: 15-20.

**2nd set: Increase by 10% from first set. 3rd set: 50% of 2nd set

Example 1st set: 45#  2nd set: 50# 3rd set: 25#

Trust me this is the way to work out!  You will feel amazing and see results on your paper-numbers do not lie!  If that makes sense then we will move on.

Knee-ups 25 reps
Bicycle: 1.30 min

Rotation 2

Shoulder Press (exercise)
90/90 (Core)
Stairmaster (cardio)

Rotation 3

Chest Fly Machine (exercise)
Side Plank (core)
Treadmill (cardio)

Rotation 4

Tri Dips

Rotation 5

Tri Rope Pull Downs
Russian Twists

Rotation 6

Overhead Tr Dumbell
Plank Alt: Arm and Legs

Done Done Done!

That is all seriously-pretty great right?