Be Inspired

      Get "that" song on, go to that "one" spot you love, hang out with that "super rad" person.  Do it.  Feel loved, be loved, and love back.  Know who you are and what you need and do it. BE Inspired.  I read this in SHEREADSTRUTH a couple days ago; an online community of believers:

"We can touch the untouchable. We can see the unseen and listen to the unheard. We can refuse to worry about tomorrow and grab hold of today, trusting He holds us like the sparrows. We can ask and seek, spend our heart-energy on love instead of judgment, say what we mean and mean what we say. We can make moments for our Savior in private so that grace and truth spill out in public. We can love those who don’t love us.
We can invite others to know the Healer by carrying the fragrance of His love, holiness, freedom and grace wherever we go.
Throngs of people were drawn to Jesus that day at the mountain. Matthew says they were “astonished at his teaching” (Matt. 7:28). Isn’t that the best? They couldn’t help but draw close to this Man with a message of radical love. Radical freedom. A radical religion that begins and ends with the heart."

        I guess I should give a little more background as why I am saying all of this...Community.  I feel like I always go back to community when I feel off balance.  The chapter in the bible that this excerpt is from precedes with Jesus saying things like, "don't judge," "ask, seek and knock," "how to decipher true and false prophets and disciples." As I read that chapter I began to see a theme.  Transparency. Raw honesty.  Being in community with others and being real with one another.  Finding that person you can share who you are with, going to that spot where you feel free and restored.  I feel that to be brave enough to not judge, to seek and find Jesus, to discern false prophets and disciples we need to be in community.  How do we find community or even find courage to be in community?  Getting inspired and wanting to tell someone about it!  Finding that thing that gets you going.  Everyone has it.  For me, its Jesus.  What I mean by that is I get inspired by being around people, learning who they are and connecting, being with a friend or a sister and talking real and honest, going to a coffee shop and getting lost in an incredible worship song or seeing a painted sky. Trying to love others and see people like Jesus does.  Find what inspires you, don't let it go and share it with someone else.


Your-Not-So-Average -1-year-old Birthday Party // And I like it!

     Hello!  Go here: The Art of Simple to read about this woman who has some great not-so-status-quo 1 year old birthday party ideas.   The title of her blog says it all and I absolutely love the giving back portion in all her ideas.  I have had this overwhelming- at- times feeling that I need to have the most amazing birthday extravaganza for Riley in a couple months for her 1st birthday.  After reading this blog, I have realized that 1. Everything is about Jesus, 2. My daughter is amazing and I want her to look back and see that what I cared about was not the party favors or the invites, but the people and the way we loved her and everyone that came 3. We can have fun on a budget


What my 10 month old is up to

I have been carrying my baby for 20 months!  10 months in, 10 months out! :)  I absolutely love my little Riley and am thrilled to share all of the amazing things she is doing in life.

Discovery:  books, books, books!  This girl absolutely loves books.  It is so adorable to see her trying to flip through pages, crumple them in her mouth or just trying to open them.  I love watching her learn and discover.  It is such a beautiful thing.

Cruising:   Riley has definitely moved into this stage the last month and a half.  Walking from couch cushion to cushion, walking with her lion roller, and of course, walking with her mom and dad.

Da-da-dad-da:  this beautiful word came flowing out of her mouth just a few days ago and absolutely astounded Drew!  I think he was starting to believe that " mama" was the term that Riley had for the both of us.  But she finally said it and we are so excited.  Now Riley calls for her dada!

Poolside:  My little is quite the fish; she takes after her mama.  Summer time I am in the water, and now I get to share it with Riley.  It has been great to see her love for water as well as having awesome parents and in-laws who bought super rad infant floating devices to make it more enjoyable.

Check-up:  we went a couple weeks ago for an anemia finger prick only and it came back normal.  She is still measuring above average for head size, average in weight, and below average in height.  My baby girl is a petite one.

Playing:   Well playing is definitely starting to move into "play dates."  This mama gets tired of chasing her around the house, and we have discovered that like her mama, we need a change of scenery from time to time (daily :) ). We were blessed with being able to visit a friend in Beaumont who has a little girl older than Riley this last week to "play."  Really they play next to each other, not with each other at this point, but it was still great to get out of the house, to see my friend,  and get our littles exposed to new people.

Slobbery/ chewing/ biting:  This is her thing.  She discovers the world through her mouth.  Everything gets slobbered and chewed on first.

Crazy that in 2 months I will blogging about my one year old!  Blessed that I have been able to care for her for 20 months already!


Best baby shower gift ever // Non-traditional

      Seriously go here: Skwish Rattle to check out the coolest toy ever that I really want to  buy Riley.  I was researching some Montessori toys for infants and toddlers and came across this toy.  The skwish rattle:
  • It Skwishes and returns to its original shape, with beads that slide and rattle
  • A visually appealing rattle that promotes clutching and cause and effect play
  • Un-dyed and made from renewable, susutainable rubberwood
  • American Specialty Toy Retailer Association Best Toys For Kids Award, 2009
  • Parents' Choice Classic Award Winner, 2009

        I have noticed that Riley still loves chewing on anything and everything.  She loves rubber and plastic toys, things that rattle and can bend.  I have been searching for a toy that gives the best of both worlds and I think this toy fits the bill.  I also love that it make noise when moved and can be pulled apart or smushed and then takes it's original shape again.  

      I am thinking of buying it and then really seeing if the rys likes it.


A Sweet Season

       Sweet-pleasing in general; delightful.  I am so thankful to God for being good to me and showing me his blessings.  I will always be unworthy, but the fact that he shows me mercy and grants me good things is so humbling.  I thank God for such sweet times with my husband this last week. Our communication and understanding has been really solid and connected and I am thankful for that. Riley is such a great daughter, and I get the privilege to raise her and spend my time with her.  Thanks to my husband that is possible.   I am thankful that my husband found this book that is totally helping and challenging his faith, and allowing great conversations.

God is good and I wanted to give credit where credit is due. Thank you God.