Raw Riley: Cuddles

     I do not get very much affection from Riley because that is just not who she is, and I respect that and honor her boundaries.  But those rare moments when she is in a semi-cuddly mood I am for sure ready to capture them with camera in hand.  This was one of those rare moments earlier in the week that I absolutely cherish.


Happy Teething Necklaces for not so Happy Babes

Teething necklaces for Mamas, BRILLIANT!  I was on etsy this morning and came across the coolest thing ever!  I had once thought of something similar to this and am so stoked that someone else has a product out there.
   When our little babes are teething it is no fun for either person involved.  Besides the orajel, frozen teething rings, and Tylenol, there aren't many options out there to soothe the pain.  This product states that it is made from material similar to that of a bottle nipple.  Now I don't know about you, but Riley absolutely loves anything rubber! One of her favorite things to chew on are cell phones cases.  When she is teething it is amazing.  But when you are holding them, while trying to console their pain, that rubber chew toy will fall on the ground. This necklace product is perfect for that very dilemma.  The necklaces are stylish and are offered in a wide array of colors and choices.
Here is information directly from this woman's etsy account:

-The necklace is made of silicone beads certified food grade silicone. They are BPA, lead, and phthalate-free and the same material used to make bottle nipples.

-Silicone beads are soft on the gums and new baby teeth and are very resistant.

-Each necklace has a safety clasp coming undone when too much pressure is exerted on the necklace, which avoids any risk of strangulation.

-The necklace is also very easy to clean, just the dishwasher or by hand with dish soap.

Check out her store at:


It's official-Size 3 diaper for the Ry

      It's funny that I waited so long to switch Riley over to the size 3 diaper. I put her in size two too early and I left her in them a little too long.  Funny how that happens.  I wanted her to reach all of those milestones super fast when she was really little,  and now I am telling time to SLOW DOWN!

       I'm not quite sure how much she weighs, I will find that out tomorrow for her immunizations, but I do know that those diapers were holding on for dear life.  When my sister came over yesterday, bearing gifts I might add, she told me that Riley's outfit was wet right by her diaper, which I had changed not to long ago.  I knew it was time, but I had been holding on to something she was not anymore: 8-16 lbs. Haha.

      This is totally why I started blogging in the first place.  I was inspired by a few friends blogs and when I became pregnant I just thought it would the best way to hold on to moments.  And that one day Riley would be able to look at this as her story, and how I was able to watch her grow and learn and discover.

      I read other mommas blogs and I feel very blessed that I am able to stay home with Riley.  It is definitely a different world and one that I honestly never thought I would be apart of but I am and I love it.  Reading and relating to other stay at home moms, or as my husband and I say: "director of operations" has really helped me along the way.  I have found that this new lifestyle  has taken quite some time for me to adjust to, but with outside support from other mommas and an online network of women to glean from, I have slowly become acclamated to it.

      Now this is not to say that I am completely secure everyday in my position in life.  I can still be sensitive to comments that infer I have all the time in the world, or I can do what I want because I don't go to a job, but it is also my job to stand firm in what I do daily and who I am to this tiny human in which I was given and blessed to take care of.


Asthma is no fun for a little babe :(

       Riley has asthma and with that comes a lot of complications.  When she gets any sort of cold, it is like ten times worse because it's accompanied with asthma attacks. The Sunday before last Riley unfortunately caught the cold that had been battling.  Monday and Tuesday she battled a fever and that week we were up and down I the middle of the night trying to help her to sleep.  I had given her so much Tylenol I didn't know what to do anymore.  I took her to her Pediatrician who prescribed a couple different medicines for her, and at that point I was willing to try anything.  He wasn't going. To get better and the rate she was going because she wasn't getting much rest because of her cough.
    The inhaler we had was not doing the job because apparently the medicine just was not reaching her lungs. Friday rolled around and Riley was having such a hard time getting air that we took her to urgent care.  We realized that at this age, anxiety is something that makes the attacks worse, but that we cannot communicate with her to help her calm down.  Her cough was so consistent and she was getting freaked out and anxious which was restricting her airways even more that it would have just gotten worse if we didn't go in.  So needless to say we took her in, but now she has a nebulizer which really did the trick.  She started feeling better a week later and I have not used the treatment since Tuesday.  So thankful for modern medicine and when necessary taking advantage of it.  I am thankful we have those resources so that next time will not be as scary. We have just been thanking The Lord for his provision and his healing abilities on our little babe.
   One of the saddest moments was on Friday when she fell asleep in my arms because she felt so terrible.  If you know Riley, she is not one for affection or being cuddling; which is fine that is who she is.   So the fact that she fell asleep in my arms and drews arms that day truly says how sick she was; my poor baby.

Medicines used:

Albuterol  (inhaled)