Wonderful Online Christmas Gifts // Support Small Businesses

Too early to shop for Christmas? Shop online with some of my favorite stores and support small businesses. Check out the sites below to find some wonderful holiday gems for all of your loved ones.  Christmas and shopping can be a stressful time, but does it need to be?  The list below will help your holiday shopping experience much more enjoyable, and knowing you are supporting bigger causes while you are at it is even better!

Ellie and James- This little gem is perfect for sisters, Mothers, and friends. These pendant necklaces are wonderful to dress up an outfit or to wear in support of something you are passionate about.  The owner of the store does custom designs as well for those wanting something a little different.

Trendy Mommy Designs- If you or a loved one is having a baby or has a new baby, this place is for you!  Silicone teething necklaces that Moms wear and babies love!  These necklaces are stylish and are guaranteed to have your baby loving life again through all their teething stages.

She Is Clothing- These tanks and shirts are so awesome for anyone!  Taken from the Prov. 31:25 verse that "She is strong..." Check them out!

For those Nerdy people like myself- This store just has your run- of- the- mill hobbit slippers and pretend starbucks sippy cups.  Pretty random fun gag gifts and such...If you are in to that kind of a thing.

Home Decor Wall Prints (Absolutely beautiful)-This store helps to inspire and decorate your home, apartment or room with scriptures.

SHE READS TRUTH-This site is always having a wonderful biblical study going on with awesome study packs.  This would be a wonderful gift for a friend of family member for encouragement.

Lara Casey PowerSheets: Such a great gift!  The powersheets help you get organized, set goals and get inspired for the upcoming 2015 year.  These powersheets are super awesome and have incredible color and vibrancy to them.  Goal set for the next six months with these and see your goals get met!

A Missionary Couple (The Stivers ) Why not give back this holiday season.  I have friends who are serving and living in Tanzania Africa helping orphans. Supporting them and giving is such a awesome thing to do. Check out their site and the things they are doing for others.

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